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Digital Space

We are all active citizens of the digital world today. We use the internet for entertainment, sending money, keeping in touch with our loved ones or just to order our favourite food or groceries. But we also know that there are scammers and bullies out there too.

More often than not, users are apprehensive about the digital space. In the virtual universe, the word “Suraksha” or “Safety” means a lot to the netizens.

As we spend a lot of time on the internet today, it is important for us to learn how to behave and stay safe online.

The “Digital Nagrik” Pledge is a reminder that the responsibility of making the digital world a space that is safe for all, lies with each and everyone of us.

It is upto us to act as digital defenders of a safe and secure cyberspace. Lets pledge to become responsible digital citizens.

Take the Digital Nagrik pledge today!

Take the Pledge

Digital Nagrik

As a Digital Nagrik, I pledge to....


Behave in the online world with empathy & kindness while also spreading positivity.


Keep my privacy intact & take responsibility for protecting sensitive information.


Practice digital wellbeing by creating a healthy balance between online & offline worlds.


Be safe in cyber space & keep my devices safe.


Respect digital ownership rights by giving due credit to other’s work.


Think before sharing & not spread false information.


Stand up to cyber-bullying by being an upstander who helps defend the victim.


Report any suspicious activity or inappropriate online behaviour.

A Deep Dive into
Digital Citizenship

1M1B has developed a comprehensive curriculum on Digital Citizenship to enable youth to become responsible digital citizens.
CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has introduced the Digital Citizenship curriculum as a skills subject for grades 6-8.
Explore the Curriculum developed by teachers and academic advisors, managed by 1M1B and supported by Meta Platforms Inc. here.

The Curricula

Student Handbooks

Teacher Handbooks

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